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We Buy Houses Calgary, AB - Sell House Fast Calgary

Alberta Buyers is your “magic house selling button”! 😉

  • Receive A Fair Cash Offer Now.

  • Let us do all the hard work for you! All you have to do is sit back, relax, and know you’re property is sold!

  • Our service is completely free! Yes, you read that correctly, absolutely free.

  • Close on the date of your choice!

  • We pay all your escrow fees.

  • No real estate commissions.

  • Receive an offer within 1 business day!

  • We may be able to buy with tenants!

  • Sell without putting any money into the property.

If you decide the offer is a fit, consider the property SOLD!


There may be a few “Sell House Fast Calgary” or “We Buy Houses Calgary” companies, but Alberta Buyers is the easiest way to sell, and we craft offers around your specific situation. Most of the other “Sell House Fast Calgary” and “We Buy Houses Calgary” companies, “weekend investors”, or realtors will miss solutions that can ultimately cost you money.

We’re experts in purchasing Calgary property that has been inherited, needs major or minor repairs, or has problem tenants. <<Click to learn about the selling process>>

We’ve handled countless issues, including:

  • Property that has been inherited or is going thru probate

  • Foreclosure

  • Vacant property

  • Mold, major or minor plumbing issues

  • Roofing issues and major or minor leaks

  • Tax or other types of liens, and title problems

  • Bad tenants, evictions

Alberta Buyers provides you with The Easiest Way To Sell! Think of us as your “Easy Button“. A lot of people, for what ever reason cannot or don’t want to pay thousands of dollars to fix up a house they’re just going to sell anyways. And most people either can’t, or don’t want to wait 4 to 6 months to finally close on the property. Life throws us curve balls, and sometimes people have to get things done quickly. No matter what the situation is, we’re here to craft an offer around your timeframe, so you can get your property sold and move onto the next stage in your life. We understand life is unpredictable, but we can help by giving you options to sell your property the fast and easy way.

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