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why you sell your house to us instead of listing on MLS?

Why you Sell your house to us?

5 reasons Why you should sell your home to us instead of listing on MLS

Many homes have issues when it is the time to sell, some has compiled deferred maintenance issues which no buyer wish to take, some has lots of issues and full of clatters that you don’t know how to solve and so on.

Here are top 5 reasons Why you should call Alberta Buyers to buy your home?

  1. Hassle free transaction!
    You don’t need to pay a penny to sell your house…  We will take care of the complicated sale process which will be done by our in-house real estate professional and WE PAY them… your selling will be conducted by professionals free of charge, Also, we will also pay all legal fee on your behalf.


  2. We buy Homes at any condition
    If your property needs total renovation, if it has not been maintained, if it is full of garbage and clutter… we will buy them.


  3. Avoid foreclosure
    Foreclosure processes could be long and painful, banks and court eat up all the equity in your house before they sell it, it will also affect you for a long time, we can take over your mortgage which will help you in your situation and avoid embarrassment in front of your neighbours, friends and family.


  4. We understand, Life just happen!
    We understand that life just happens to all of us, in case of divorce or in case of death of family member, you need to get rid of this property as quick as you can… we will come see your house at any condition, we will take it off your shoulders in a matter of days.


  5. You are in control
    We will give you an offer to purchase your property within 1-2 days after we come see your house, you can choose to go ahead with our price or reject it, no problem, you don’t have to deal with pushy realtors who tell you what to do. Also, we are very flexible on possession day, you can choose how long you need to stay in the property up to 90 days until you find your new home.

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