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Here are some common questions answered…

We’re sure you have some questions! That’s why we created this page to help answer some of the more common ones we get! Of course, feel free to reach out to have any other questions answered! We’d love to hear from you.

  • Are you going to pay a fair price for my property?
    A: There are certain situations where we can pay full market value. (If you’re willing to seller finance the property in certain locations) It all depends on the situation. Many times we have to purchase a house below the “After Repair Value” so we can resell it at a profit to another home owner. The “After Repair Value” is the value of the property after all necessary updates and repairs have been made. If you don’t have equity in the property, don’t worry, we can still help!
  • What sort of fees are there?
    We do not require any fees, commissions, fixing up, or anything! The amount we quote you will be the amount you get!
  • How do you come up with your offer number?
    We look at location, condition, and market conditions. From there we come up with a fair price that works for us and works for you too. We sometimes give multiple offers as well. One of them is all cash, and the others are terms. We can usually come up with a solution for almost any situation.
  • How are real estate agents different from Quick Home Offers?
    Real estate agents list a property and take a commission as a fee for their services. We’re real estate buyers. That’s why there are no commissions or fees.
  • What obligations do I have once I submit my information?
    Absolutely none! There are no obligations to accept an offer once you submit your information.
  • How do I sell my house fast?
    There are a number of ways. The first one would be to get a few offers from our company and determine if the offer fits your needs. Another possibility would be to sell with a Realtor, but you might have to wait longer. Here is a great article from Reader’s Digest that provides are some tips to help sell your house.
  • Are you guys just going to list my property like an agent?
    We’re not agents. We are actual buyers with cash. We purchase the property to fix and resell, or keep as a rental property.
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  • How do I get Alberta Buyers to make me an offer?
    Fill out the home seller form below and an Albert Buyers Professional will contact you. https://www.albertabuyers.com/contact
  • Are there any fees or costs associated with selling my house?
    No! We buy houses and will make you an offer without real estate agent fees or commissions.
  • I need to sell my house fast. How long might it take for me to get an offer to sell my house?
    Every situation is unique, but it is common to get a cash offer in as little as 24-48 hours.
  • What if my house needs repairs?
    We buy homes as-is, there are no need to make repairs.
  • How long does it take to close?
    It depends on your situation, but typically we can close within 7 to 14 days.
  • I'm behind in my loan. Do I need to make another payment?
    No. We regularly purchase homes that are behind in payments, facing foreclosure, or underwater.
  • I'm in foreclosure. Are you still interested?
    Yes, as long as the foreclosure has not been finalized (the bank owns it) we can still make an offer to buy it.
  • If you buy my house before the bank forecloses, can I save my credit?"
    Selling your home before final foreclosure will prevent a "foreclosure" from appearing on your credit report and generally is better for your credit.
  • Can you buy my house if it's vacant?
    Yes, the home can be in any condition and it does not matter if you occupy it, have a renter in the home, or if it is vacant.
  • Can you buy my house if I have a bad tenant in there now?
    Yes. We are experienced dealing with bad or problem tenants.
  • My house is presently listed for sale with a real estate agent. Can you still buy my house?
    Yes. You'll likely still need to pay your agent's commission, but we can still purchase your home.
  • If I have moved out of the area do I have to come back into town for a closing?
    No, you can complete your end of the closing locally at most attorneys' offices and your check can be mailed or deposited directly into your account.
  • I owe more than my house is worth. Can you help me?
    Yes. Unfortunately, this is common and we can work with you and your bank through a process called a "short sale" to buy your home.
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