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5 Tips On Selling A House Fast

Selling a house fast isn’t hard if you know what the right steps are…

  1. Make All Necessary Repairs
    Even the minor things such as outdated curtains, or a leaky faucet changes many buyers’ opinions about how well the property was maintained throughout the time you have owned it.  Make sure all necessary repairs are made, and even the unnecessary ones too if you need to sell your house fast.  This gives the homeowner the impression that you maintained the property well and puts many buyers at ease about putting an offer on your house.

  2. Price It Right
    Many may think this strategy is counter intuitive, but it works and works well. Pricing your home lower than other comparable houses will get offers coming in fast. The market determines the price, and if it is priced low you will get offers quickly and market metrics will often push the price up from the initial listing price. If you start high and lower your price many buyers will think there is something wrong with the property because of the price cuts, making many uncomfortable about giving your property an offer.

  3. Focus On First Impressions
    When thinking of selling a house fast, first impressions always matter. That being said, houses with overgrown grass, old chipped paint, and an overall unappealing visual impression often leave buyers with a bad taste, leading many to pass on making an offer. Trim trees and bushes. Plant flowers in front of the house and take the extra time and to paint.  Yes, this costs money and takes time, but usually this gives the seller a great return on investment.

  4. Stage The Property
    Staging a house involves cleaning, uncluttering, and removing a personal touch to the house. Try painting the house neutral colors, and remove all personal items like photos and certain décor. Put items away that are not regularly used.

  5. Let Your Network Know
    Selling a house fast requires you to let your network know you are selling. Post on Facebook and other social media sites, give someone you know a referral fee for bringing in a buyer, let your local PTA or other organizations know, even if you have an agent. Bottom line is if you have the money  and time to fix, stage and hire an agent all these things can get you a great return on your money. Just these simple steps can put thousands in your pocket for you and your family.

Selling A House Fast

If you need to sell a house fast, Alberta Buyers can give you a fair cash offer, or structure a deal to fit any situation you might be in. If you are thinking of selling a home fast visit us here for a free, fast, no-obligation offer now!

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