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We Buy Houses Cochrane, AB, Canada - Sell House Fast Cochrane

Find out why so many others have chosen to sell to Alberta Buyers:

  • Receive a fair cash offer now.

  • We can provide you with an offer within 3 business days!

  • When you get your offer, there are no obligations to accept! You’re in control of the whole process.

  • Tenants leaving? Have bad tenants? No Problem! We can purchase with tenants.

  • Less paperwork!

  • Close on the date you choose!

  • Fair, professional, and experienced.

We Buy Houses In Cochrane

The Three Ways Of Selling A House:

If you’re wanting to sell a property there are really three ways you can go about it:

  1. Sell with an agent

    • Takes longer – 3 to 12 months

    • Most costly way to sell – after holding costs and all fees typically 10% or more of the sales price

    • Get the highest amount if the property is in tip top shape

    • Property should be in good condition to sell 

  2. Sell the house yourself

    • Takes longer – 3 to 12 months

    • Less costly and you’re in control

    • Can get a higher amount than a cash buyer

    • Property usually needs to be in good condition

  3. Sell to a Cash Buyer

    • Least costly way to sell

    • Can sell within 7 to 10 days (or whenever you’d like)

    • Condition doesn’t matter; no repairs needed

    • Likely cannot pay full market value

    • No Fees

    • By far the easiest way to sell a property

Selling a house the conventional route (selling FSBO or with an agent) usually takes 3 – 12 months, even in Cochrane. Every situation is different, so we hope this handy quick and dirty guide helped you.

Sell House Fast Cochrane

We Buy Houses In Cochrane, AB – Sell Your House As-Is Cash

Often times other “Sell My House Fast Cochrane” or “We Buy Houses In Cochrane” companies and agents alike overlook simple solutions that can save you time, headache and hassle, and money. Plus, a lot of times these companies just play the take-it-or-leave-it game with offers. Alberta Buyers works differently by taking time to understand you, your unique situation and crafting an offer around those elements. We’ve seen it plenty of times, other “Sell My House Fast Cochrane” and “We Buy Houses In Cochrane” companies or agents missing solutions that save time, money, and stress. Click to learn about the process.

Sell Your House As-Is Quickly To A Reputable Cash Buyer

How would you like to sell your Cochrane house fast for cash the easy way? There are endless reasons why you may want to sell your property in Cochrane. If you’ve inherited a property, have bad tenants, your property needs work and your can’t or don’t want to fix it up.. We’re here to help.  If you’re thinking “sell my house as is cash Cochrane” then Alberta Buyers can provide you with a simple solution.

Sell House Fast Cochrane
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