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Selling Out Rental Property | We buy Calgary Rental Properties

Selling Out Rental Property | We buy Calgary Rental Properties

Rental properties can be a great financial resource to their owners, as long as they have the time and energy to maintain and manage them. If time is lacking, then the rental property can amount to nothing more than a burden to the owner that they’d like to unload.

Cindy had found herself with one of those properties in the Calgary Alberta area, but without the time and energy needed to turn a profit on it. She needed to sell the vacant rental property from another city, and sell it fast.

Why couldn’t she manage the property?

Cindy had never directly bought the property herself. Rather, the property previously belonged to her mother, who had owned it for twenty years as a rental. However, her mother was now 82, and had power of attorney to assist her mother with the sale. She hadn’t inherited the property, but she did have complete control over it.

Because Cindy’s mother was 82, she required a lot of help and someone to look after her. Cindy took this responsibility on, leaving her unable to take care of and rent out the house.

She thought about going through a Realtor.

She soon discovered, though, that Realtors can come with their own set of problems. They need to perform inspection after inspection, meet with the client many times, and perhaps worst of all, have fees and commissions that need to be paid. Not to mention that buyers often back out or lose financing at the last second, causing the house to sit on the market. Unfortunately for Cindy, this proved to be more than she could handle at the time.

So, naturally, Cindy began to look for other options for selling the out of state rental home. After shopping around for a bit, she stumbled across Alberta Buyers. She was worried, however, that we wouldn’t be able to buy her home, as she lived in Edmonton, while the property was in Calgary Alberta.

Luckily for her, we have the legal capacity to handle interstate sales.

Her brother was local and was able to allow us to do our inspection. We then emailed her our offer, and sent her the paperwork the day after she accepted our offer. She had a local attorney inspect the papers we emailed her, and once they were approved she signed and sent them back.

She had initially contacted us on May 28th, and we made the final purchase of the house on July 2nd. That’s a mere 36 days. If she had put the house up for sale for a Realtor, it could have sat on the market for 90 days or more without even so much as an offer. By choosing Alberta Buyers, she was able to sell the property and walk away with money in her pocket in a little over a month.

Is Alberta Buyers really that fast?

We absolutely are, and we have the track record to prove it. In fact, you can give us a call for a quote within 7 minutes, and have your house sold within a week! No other company is going to offer you the speed, convenience, and experience of buying over 1,300 homes like Alberta Buyers. If you have a property that you would like to sell in the Calgary area, give us a call today!

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