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Can't List your House?! We Buy it fast for Cash, at any condition

If you can't list your house on MLS; We will buy it fast for Cash, at any condition. Lots of Calgarians keep asking "why I can't list my property?". Alberta Buyers present a premium service across Calgary area to our dear clients who cant't list there properties due to the following reasons:​

Can't List your House?! We Buy it fast for Cash, at any condition

  1. Fire Damage

  2. Environmental Issues

  3. Title Issues

  4. Hoarders

  5. And More

If time isn’t on your side, then selling to a professional home buying company like Alberta Buyers is going to be the fastest way to sell a house. That’s because, “normal buyers” are financing the purchase – which means they need to play by their bank’s rules. With banks involved, it’s easy for a sale to take more than 3 months to close, or worse, fall through altogether.

We buy houses across Calgary, no matter where your property is located, we will buy it. We offer our services in the following areas:

  1. Calgary, Northeast

  2. Calgary, Northwest

  3. Calgary, Southeast

  4. Calgary, Southwest

  5. Cochrane, AB

  6. Airdrie, AB

  7. Chestermere, AB

  8. Okotoks, AB

When we buy houses Calgary, we pay in cash, so we’re ready to go pretty much right away. We aren’t waiting on an approval from the bank so we’re able to skip the long, drawn out processes like appraisals, inspections and so forth. We’ll go check out your property with our contractor so we can come up with a fair price. If you accept, great! Our typical escrow is a few weeks, but if you need to have your cash sooner or later, we will always accommodate you when we buy houses Calgary!



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