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Selling a Home After a Divorce | We Buy Houses Calgary Alberta

Selling a Home After a Divorce | We Buy Houses Calgary Alberta

There are many different ways to come into ownership of a home, from simply buying the property to renting or inheriting it. Because there are so many paths to ownership, things can get a bit complicated sometimes. That’s what Cindy discovered when she needed to unload a house in Calgary SW.

What was so complicated?

Cindy and her husband had come into ownership of the nice little property, but then their marriage got a bit rocky and they ended up divorcing. Unfortunately, this left Cindy with partial ownership but her ex-husband’s name remaining on the title.

The divorce also left Cindy as a single mom of three children, a tough burden to bear. Tending to her kids left her without the time or money to properly maintain the home, and so for over 10 years it went without repairs. The landscaping was in the same state, completely overgrown and in need of work.

To make matters even worse, the HOA (homeowner’s association) for the neighborhood required exterior repairs and landscaping for the home.

Finally, to top it all off, the home was filled with junk.

Ten years of neglect had led a mountain of items to accumulate within the home. Cindy was certain that she would have to pay some movers to get rid of it all before being able to sell the home, but she was quoted for $800, money she simply didn’t have at the time.

She decided to give Alberta Home buyers a shot, and soon found out that she had made the right decision.

We were able to take care of all of her problems.

We met with Cindy, gave her our offer, and she accepted. So, first thing on the docket was dealing with her ex. We took complete care of the situation and had him sign separately.

We were also able to remove all of the unwanted junk from Cindy’s home without charging for it, allowing her to keep that $800 in her pocket.

Once you have an offer from us, the money is yours and we take care of the rest.

That’s right, we do it all.

Is your home in need of repairs? No problem. Do you have legal issues, be it with the title, loan status, current tenants, or anything else? We’ve got you covered. Do you simply want the quickest and easiest way to sell a home with little to no hassle for you? Then Alberta Buyers is perfect for you. So if you have a home in the Calgary SW, Calgary SE, Calgary NE, or Calgary NW that you’d like to sell, give us a call or fill out our contact form to get the process underway today!

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