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Selling Your Home through a Real Estate Agent vs. Selling to Direct Home Buyers in Calgary Alberta

Selling Your Home through a Real Estate Agent vs. Selling to Direct Home Buyers in Calgary Alberta

It’s understandable that after several years, your home has acquired sentimental value for you. There could come a point, however, when you’ll need to put it up for sale. This won’t be brought on by a lack of appreciation for the memories, but rather by a need to make a wise financial decision.

Home selling, particularly the business of finding buyers, is tricky. You may have made the decision to sell several months ago, but your house hasn’t moved despite your having listed it with several established realtors. It may be time to consider selling to direct home buyers in Calgary Alberta instead. What would be the benefits of doing so? Read on.


The condition of the house, the state of the national economy, and accessibility or location are just some of the factors considered when determining a house’s price. Carefully assess your property using these variables to come up with a base cost. Upon consulting with a real estate agent, you may notice that their pricing is lower than the market value. This is a common strategy in real estate to attract more interested buyers and eventually push the price up. The agent’s expertise also comes with a price—the commission—so expect to give him a cut after the transaction. Direct sellers, on the other hand, strive to buy your house at the fairest price. On top of that, you need not trouble yourself with broker fees.

Sale Duration

Selling a home can take time. In fact, real estate agents say that a competitively-priced home can take months to sell. When you are in dire need of money, this won’t do. Fortunately, Alberta home buyers in Calgary, AB can help solve the problem; just call for an over-the phone quote. You can even get a cash advance should you decide to accept their offer for your home.

House Condition

The condition of a home is crucial to the sale, which is why real estate agents take this matter seriously. A thorough inspection is conducted and repairs are usually required before the house can be put up for sale. Meanwhile, a direct home buyer will take the house off your hands regardless of its condition. Though its current state would inevitably affect the pricing, the important thing is that they will still buy your house without requiring you to make prior repairs.

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