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Don’t Sell Your House To a Snake! Tips from Alberta Buyers

Don’t Sell Your House To a Snake! Tips from Alberta Buyers

To Help You Make Sure You’re Dealing With a Reputable House Buying Firm!

After all, at some level, it’s a home you’re selling. Here are a few things to look for in a company that buys houses:

  1. Does the Company Have an Office? Has the buyer told you where their offices are located? You might want to set up an appointment to meet them at their office. Make sure that they have a permanent office where you can reach them anytime. Don’t be put off by multiple phone numbers – house buying companies and real estate firms typically use 403 local number to track where their calls are originating. But DO make sure the company is solvent and answers the phone!

  2. Do They Have a Staff? If they are a well-established company, they will have experienced staff who will be able to guide you through every detail of the selling process and gladly be available to answer all your questions. Watch out for delayed voice mail responses in the evening to calls you made during normal business hours.

  3. How will They Finance the Purchase? We can’t emphasize this one enough: Most “home buyers” are looking to sign a contract and immediately “flip” the house for a relatively small profit. AND THEY DON’T PAY YOU UNTIL THE HOUSE IS RESOLD! A reliable company will have the cash or an available line of credit to buy your house. Remember, if it is sold on contingency, you will have to wait to get paid. This doesn’t stop foreclosure, back taxes, forfeiture or liens. Don’t be shy; demand proof that they have the cash. Even more, ask them for a deposit of $5,000. If they are serious about buying your house they will provide it gladly.

  4. Finally, Read the Contract Carefully? Although we shouldn’t have to tell you this, let’s face it…we’re all in a hurry! Take your time. Selling your property is one of the most important decisions in your life. Don’t let the buyer pressure you. If you need more time to go over the contract demand it. Look for weasel clauses that are the big “outs” that nobody sees. These “outs” allow those snakes to slither out of your contract up until the last moment.

Obviously, We Meet these Criteria. We are in this business to make money, true. But we also strive constantly to provide a safe haven for people who need to sell their houses fast. We know our customers want to deal with trustworthy, reputable people. That’s how we’ve managed to stay in business reputably since 2003. Need to sell your house fast?

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