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How to Sell an Inherited Home to Alberta Buyers

How to Sell an Inherited Home to Alberta Buyers

Facing end of life decisions is never easy. If you’re like many of the family members who call us about selling a home owned by a loved one, you’re probably struggling with what the right thing to do is. Whether your parents are moving into a senior facility, you’ve inherited a house, or it’s time to move on after a spouse has passed away, you want to make sure you honor their legacy.

Marie from Calgary, AB called in one afternoon in mid-October to inquire about selling her home. She and her husband had owned the house for 25 years. For the last 20 of those years, she had been his primary care giver while he was infirmed. Without any help from family members, she was feeling both the emotional and a very significant financial strain.

After her husband entered Hospice care and then passed away, she could no longer afford the expenses associated with her home. Marie knew she needed to sell the house now. But her biggest concern was she didn’t have the means to renovate and create a home that would appeal to today’s buyers.

Originally, her home had 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom. But when Marie had to open the walls to accommodate her husband’s hospital bed, it turned into a 1 bedroom. The house had pink siding and everything inside was original to the 1950s. Knowing the home required a full renovation, Marie was worried because she didn’t have the time, money or energy to bring the home back to life. And she understood that selling the house as-is through a conventional sale could take many, many months. The buyer pool for such properties is very small. She really wanted to sell it quickly, relieve herself of the emotional and financial burden and move to east to start a new life.

When she called Alberta Buyers, home buying specialist George A. explained our easy, three-step process. He asked Marie about the condition of her home. Once he established that Alberta Buyers would be able to assist her, he set an appointment to meet at her house.

When Mark visited Marie at her property, he found her in a virtually empty home and noticed immediately how stressed she was about all that has been going on in her life. She shared with Mark that while caring for her sick husband for so long, her business had also suffered greatly. The entire meeting was very emotional for Marie.

During the conversation in which they discussed and agreed upon a fair price for her home, Marie expressed concern that she didn’t have anyone to help move her things out of the house into the U-Haul truck. Mark graciously offered his services to relieve her of that anxiety and she signed the contract that evening. This is just one example of how Alberta Buyers goes above and beyond to be of service to our home sellers.

The entire process from contract signing to closing took only two weeks. The evening prior to closing, Mark met Marie at her house and moved all of her belongings into the U-Haul truck and made sure she was set for her journey down to Toronto. As she starts her new life, Marie is extremely grateful for the level of service both Mark and Alberta Buyers provided. Not only has she referred us to anyone who will listen, she also provided us with a glowing testimonial and a review on our site.

When you’re stressed and wrestling with what to do with selling a home owned by a family member, take the first step toward a solution by calling Alberta Buyers at (877) 804-5252.



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