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Knowing When to Let Go | Alberta Buyers

Knowing When to Let Go | Alberta Buyers

Selling your house can be one of the most difficult decisions you’ll ever make. A home comes to mean much more to its owner than just four walls and a roof: for many, it represents comfort, safety and family, as well as a substantial investment. Letting go of a piece of property can feel like an act of betrayal, like abandoning a loved one during tough times instead of working things out. No matter how much it hurts, walking away can sometimes be the only decision that makes sense.


This can have several meanings. If funds are tight and spending needs to be reduced, a less expensive house can make all the difference. The number many use as their cutoff point is 60%, as in they know it’s time to unload their home when mortgage payments eat up over 60% of their monthly paycheck. Sometimes the decision to downsize isn’t made out of necessity, but for the sake of convenience. If your family becomes smaller (when a child leaves for college, for example) it may be time to look for a home with fewer bedrooms and less overall space.

More trouble than it’s worth

If you’ve ever owned an old car, you’ve probably had the following conversation at least once: “You should really get those brakes fixed.” “No way, that repair would probably cost more than the whole car is worth at this point.” This probably won’t literally be the case for your home, but a house that constantly needs repairs can be an incredible waste of time and money. If your “things to fix” list keeps growing and you’re racking up serious expenses, consider scaling down to a more affordable renovated home, one whose issues have already been identified and corrected.

If you can relate to any of these circumstances and decide that selling your home is the right move, check out our website at https://www.albertabuyers.com, we’re happy to discuss your situation and assist you by either buying or helping you sell your home.


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