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Reduce Your Days on Market to Fewer than 14 | Alberta Buyers

Reduce Your Days on Market to Fewer than 14 | Alberta Buyers

Current home sellers know that they may have to wait longer to find a buyer these days. The days on market (DOM) in the Calgary area is declining, but if you have a “situation” and want or need to sell now, even a couple months is a long time to wait.

When you are in a jam, there are always people willing to exploit your plight, but the so-called helpers aren’t always honest. You may need help, but you don’t want to make things worse by hooking up with a company that either can’t deliver or has no intention of delivering once it has your money.

If you are in a position where you want to sell your home quickly, Alberta Buyers is an honest company with both reputation and resource. We will buy it from you for cash and complete your deal within a couple weeks. There is no charge for our services.

Who uses Alberta Buyers? Many different kinds of people!

  • People who have trouble selling because they do not have equity in their home.

  • Those who have experienced the death of a loved one or the need to settle an estate (Inherited Property).

  • People who are tired of being a landlord.

  • Those who need to sell because of a divorce.

  • People who are behind on payments or facing foreclosure.

  • Anyone who bought a new home, but can’t sell the old one.

  • People who own vacant houses or houses that need repairs.

  • Those with liens or title problems.

  • People working with a real estate agent who hasn’t come through as promised.

  • Anyone facing a job transfer or relocation.

People from all walks of life who share the need or desire to sell their homes, regardless of repairs needed, can sell for cash, close quickly, and sell to a reliable company – Alberta Buyers. Contact us today at (403) 879-2502 or visit our website to get the process started. We can wrap up your deal in a couple weeks and even offer you a $2,500 cash advance to help you plan your move.

Reduce your personal DOM today!



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