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Selling My Vacant Inherited Home to Alberta Buyers

Mandy and James had recently inherited their childhood home in Calgary, AB after their parents passed. Because it had sentimental value, they pooled funds and did everything they could to keep the house in good shape. Unfortunately, as the home sat vacant over the years and eventually fell into disrepair, as they no longer had the money to continue the necessary maintenance. It was time to finally sell their vacant inherited property.

They had seen our commercials and wanted to discuss their options.

After viewing one of our numerous television commercials, they decided it would be a good idea to get in contact and see if we could buy the inherited house in Calgary area. During the call, they explained that they were unable to perform any more renovations and were tired of paying property taxes on a vacant home that no one was able to live in anyway. After hearing them out, we gave them our initial ballpark offer and they decided to move forward.

We met a few days later to finalize the offer.

We had to perform our walkthrough before we could give them anything concrete, so they met us to allow us in to view the property. Upon inspection, it was even worse than they had described. There was extensive damage to the roof that would need to be repaired before the house would be safe for anyone to live in, and the majority of the inside was badly worn. Upon seeing this, we decided that the home would actually have to be gutted and completely redone.

Mandy and James were worried that this meant even more money out of their pockets. But, luckily for them, we have the ability to buy homes as-is and make all of the necessary repairs and renovations, meaning that they wouldn’t have to worry about any of it. They were pleased about this fact and wanted to close the deal. We were unable to close on-site, but we quickly obtained the title to the house and ended up closing within two weeks of the viewing. Overall, they were extremely happy with the offer and the ease of the whole transaction, given the state of the property.

Inheriting a home can be a blessing or a curse. Selling a vacant inherited home doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Many don’t need an additional home, don’t have the means to rent it out, or don’t have the resources needed to take care of it.

Furthermore, if the home isn’t pristine, it can sit listed for a long time, or might not be able to sell at all. What can you do in this situation? Turn to Alberta Buyers. We’ve purchased over 8,00 homes in the Calgary area (Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Chestermere), and have over 10 years of experience doing so.We can even give you a cash advance to help you with bills or a down payment if necessary! So if you want to sell your vacant inherited home fast – in as little as 7 days – then contact Alberta Buyers now to get started!



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