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"We Buy Houses in Calgary, AB” – Get to Know the Documents You’ll Need to Respond to This Statement

We Buy Houses Calgary

We Buy Houses
"We Buy Houses in Calgary, AB” – Get to Know the Documents You’ll Need to Respond to This Statement

Upon seeing that ad “We Buy Houses in Calgary AB”, you may have taken it as an auspicious signal to put your house on the market. However, deciding to sell your house needs more than just the forecasting and willingness to do so. To ensure a smooth-sailing transaction with your buyer, get the facts and be prepared to deal with a lot of paperwork, such as the following:

Deeds to the Property

Property deeds are needed to transfer pieces of real estate from a seller to a buyer. The deed you’re currently holding must contain information such as property description, boundaries and size of plot, and other easements that can legally affect future owners. Take note that when you sell to Alberta-based companies like Alberta Buyers, province law requires a new deed to be made, recorded, and signed before you receive the proceeds of the sale.

Title Insurance Policy

It’s absolutely necessary for you to prove ownership of the property through all legal documents possible. Your title insurance is major proof as it states that you’re the legitimate owner of the house. This will be subject to verification by the buyer or settlement agent. A title search is conducted to make sure that there are no title problems like forgery, undisclosed heirs, and omissions or errors in deeds.

Property Taxes

You have to disclose your true property tax to the buyer, so no claims of misrepresentation will be filed against you. This means that you have to let your buyer know all your tax exemptions, because would-be occupants of your house may not be entitled to such exemptions. You should also provide tax receipts to prove that the taxes on your home have already been paid.

Guarantee and Warranties

Since you won’t be taking your home’s roof, HVAC equipment, and other built-in appliances with you when you leave, you should keep their related guarantee or warranty papers on hand. Home buying specialists may look for those documents, which are helpful in assessing your home’s value and enticing prospective clients to buy your property.

By preparing the documents stated above, you can make the process of selling your home proceed without delays. In fact, if you’re the type of person who keeps important papers organized in one place, promotional lines like “We Buy Houses in Calgary Alberta” is all the sign you need to get started in the home-selling process.



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