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We Buy Inherited Houses | Sell Your House Fast

We Buy Inherited Houses

When your dear Uncle Max died, you were beset with grief. You were glad to have his favorite jacket to remember him by, but not so excited to learn he had also left you his ramshackle home across town. You don’t want the home, can’t afford to put out the capital to fix it up for sale, and don’t really want the hassle of selling it. So what can you do with the home?

Alberta Buyers is in the business of buying inherited homes, as well as homes that must be sold to settle an estate. Within about a week, you could have cash in hand with no further responsibilities for the home. We even offer you a $2,500 advance payment that can help tide you over until the settlement is complete.

How does the process work?

  • First, you start the ball rolling with a toll free phone call to our Springfield, Virginia office. You answer a few questions and we make you an offer on the spot. Wondering how we can do that? We actually do the research and market analysis while you are on the phone. Wondering if there is a fee for our services? Be assured that there is no fee even if you do not accept our offer or reconsider whether you want to sell.

  • Once you accept our offer, we visit the property to inspect it. If everything checks out, we will present a written offer package to you. During our visit, we can answer any questions you might have and give you a timeline for how things will proceed. We want you to feel confident that we are doing our best for you.

  • Throughout the process, our Home Buying Specialists are available 24/7 to answer your questions, and one will be assigned to you. We welcome your visit to our Springfield headquarters.

  • Once we have a signed sales agreement from you, we close in seven days or less. We take care of all the paperwork, without your having to deal with any lawyers.

  • Within a day or two of settlement, you have the balance of your money. Again, we will not deduct any fees from your settlement. You get what we promised, less the $2,500 advance.

Deal with a Reliable Company

We are aware that when you are dealing with grief, you are prey to unscrupulous companies who get you to sign over your home but do not follow through with their promise to pay. We operate under one name and clearly define where our offices are located.

We spell out our timeline for buying your home very clearly and communicate with you frequently from the time we answer our phone to the time we call you to say your check is on the way. You can read for yourself what sets Alberta Buyers apart from companies that promise to buy your home in our report Learning How to Differentiate Reliable Buyers From Scammers.

Get Your Fresh Start Now

When Uncle Max left you his home, he wanted to do a nice thing, not burden you down with obligations you aren’t in a position to handle. We want to help get the money from your inheritance that Uncle Max wanted you to have, or put you in a position to settle his estate. If you have inherited property to sell – be it a single or multifamily dwelling, a town house, condominium, apartment, or plot of land call us at 1-(403) 879-2502. Check out our website where you can even chat online to learn how to sell your home fast.



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