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You Can Choose Your Fresh Start! Alberta Buyers Will help

You Can Choose Your Fresh Start! Alberta Buyers Will help

One of life’s biggest ironies is that there is more help available for those who don’t need it than those who do. The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate. If you are doing well and have been able to keep your credit score high and your debt low, you will be rewarded with a lower car payment, for example, due to reduced interest even though you could afford to pay more. The person who might benefit from having a reliable new car for one of those $169-a-month car payments advertised on commercials often drives away with a used car and much higher payments. Of course, those who can qualify for the cars that are $169-a-month, seldom want those and opt for other upscale models they can afford as their interest rate is lower.

As there is no law that forces companies to grant credit, much less at a cheap price, the rest of us have to, first, use what it available for us, and then, plan for the future by improving our credit scores. As mentioned in a recent article, those who seek mortgage help by using a government or lender-sponsored program suffer a credit score blow. Those who file bankruptcy or lose their home to foreclosure are penalized for years. However, any of these things can make for a fresh start.

There are a couple of ways that people in trouble can initiate their own fresh start. Many times people cannot afford to be homeowners, even with mortgage reductions. This is why short sales and even deeds-in-lieu have become a popular way of divesting oneself of a home. If the lender agrees to go with either process, you, as a debtor, can put the mortgage behind you. Assuming that you live more frugally, you can work on paying off your other debt. The downside is that the lender can come after you for the difference.

Alberta Buyers offers a similar but often better option: we buy your home for cash. Unlike short sales, which often take months to complete, you can have your deal wrapped up within a couple weeks. We even offer you $2,500 upfront so you can use to secure your new dwelling.

Want to get yourself a fresh start? Call Alberta Buyers today at 1-(403) 879-2502 or visit our website for more details. We can get you started on the way to financial freedom with one phone call and sell your house fast for cash. Make today the day you take charge of your future. We will make you an offer on your first call, provide free reports to help you make your selling decision, and we even offer options to chat with one of our helpful consultants.


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